Also called French Vanilla or Lime Yellow, Tandur Yellow is a honey colored limestone from South India. Widely accepted as a popular architectural material, this limes tone is acclaimed for its rustic looks and subtle texture that can easily add a royal touch to any decor.

Globally acknowledged for its strength and durability, this limestone is ubiquitously used for interior and exterior designing. Perfect for commercial, industrial and residential projects, Tandur Yellow is highly resistant to frost and doesn’t lose its color even after long and continuous exposures. Extensively used for landscape designing, Tandur Yellow is a great material for wall cladding, paving and flooring.

Stone & Slab Purveyors, a famed Indian manufacturer and exporter of Tandur Yellow limestone, offers this natural stone in various finishes like honed, natural, brushed and polished. As per the requirement, it can be ordered in different sizes and thicknesses at Stone & Slab Purveyors in the forms of tiles, slabs and blocks.

Physical Properties
Density  2.5 – 2.65 Kg/m3
Compressive Strength  1800 to 2100 Kg/cm2
Hardness  3 to 4 Rating on Mohs Scale
Water Absorption  Below 1%
Weather Impact  High Resistance
Porosity  Low
Chemical Properties
Silica (SiO2)  20 – 25%
Lime (CaO)  38 – 42%
Alumina (Al2O3)  2 – 4%
Loss on Ignition (LOI)  30 – 32%
Other Oxides like Mg & Na  1.5 – 2.5%

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