The term stone ball ornaments are generally used to specify spherical stone objects having natural and artificial origin. Stone balls ornaments are mostly used in gardens as it provides the bold look and exact contrast to the plants, lawns, shrubs and trees over there. These are used persuasively to detail paved areas, courtyards, lawns, and gravels. The moderate development process ensures a distinctive obsolete finish and they also provide empathy of form and style to your garden. These can be used for remodelling for walls and gateways. Adding one or more ball in your garden will heighten its look and style whether it is a large landscape or a small courtyard garden.

Stone & Slab Purveyors provides wide ranges that meet customers’ specifications and business requirements. Often, Stone balls are manufactured from an Indian natural stone – Sandstone. Sandstone balls are used in producing rocky structure in the gardens. However, Stone balls or Stone spheres can be manufactured using granite and marble as well. And also this is used to produce rough texture on the landscape of the lawns. This adds more beauty to the environment.

The two most famous products are:

  • Rolling sphere
  • Ball fountain

Available colours:

  • White
  • Pink
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Mint
  • Brown
  • Red

All these coloured Stone Balls are manufactured ensuring all industrial quality guidelines atStone & Slab Purveyors. The exporter of Stone balls ornaments in India provides premium quality products at competitive prices in the international marketplaces.


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