Quarried in South India, Lime Pink Limestone is pink colored stone with clearly visible striations. With natural cleft finish and subtle soothing tones, this stone is known for imparting a royal touch to any residential or commercial site. Properties like hardness and slip resistance makes it apt for both interior and exterior applications.

Moreover, because of its ability to withstand freezing temperatures and harsh thawing conditions, it is also considered as a suitable material for industrial constructions. Widely popular in the Middle East and European countries, Lime Pink limestone are extensively used for wall cladding, flooring, monuments, countertops, sinks and pool coping.

Stone & Slab Purveyors, a major Indian supplier and exporter of Lime Pink limestone, offers high-quality Lime Pink limestone in the form of blocks, tiles and slabs in different sizes and thickness depending upon the requirement and specification of customers. Finishes of this limestone that are available withStone & Slab Purveyors include natural, honed, tumbled, brushed and honed.

Physical Properties
Density  2.5 – 2.65 Kg/m3
Compressive Strength 1800 to 2100 Kg/cm2
Hardness  3 to 4 Rating on Mohs Scale
Water Absorption  Below 1%
Weather Impact  High Resistance
Porosity  Low
Chemical Properties
Silica (SiO2)  20 – 25%
Lime (CaO)  38 – 42%
Alumina (Al2O3)  2 – 4%
Loss on Ignition (LOI)  30 – 32%
Other Oxides like Mg & Na  1.5 – 2.5%

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