Where Quality Comes First; Always..!!

The customer-centric approach in conjunction with adherence to strict quality parameters is the success mantra of Stone & Slab Purveyors India. Being a leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of natural stones like granite, marble, sandstone, limestone and quartzite, Stone & Slab Purveyors is always high on quality in accordance with international standards. Over the years, this approach has tremendously helped the 17-year-oldStone & Slab Purveyors in building an unwavering relation of trust with its existing customers all across the world.

At Stone & Slab Purveyors India, a well-qualified team of experienced supervisors has been employed to put stringent check on quality parameters at our associated granite manufacturing factories (processing units) in India. Before the actual quality inspection, several things that a supervisor needs to keep in mind are as follows:

Interior or exterior application

  • Exposure to moisture
  • Degree of slope
  • Traffic to which the granite would subject to after installation

Depending on the application and granite variant in consideration, quality checks are performed on a number of parameters:

  • Properties of the granite that suit the requirement and place of installation, such as hardness, durability, anti-skid feature, and resistance towards acids, alkalis and weather conditions.
  • Colour and pattern of the granite as per customer’s demand or point of installation.
  • Size and thickness as per the requirement.
  • Perfect Finish of the final product without chipping.
  • Appropriate book-matching of two slabs; if required.
  • Proper removal of natural voids through resin fillings.
  • Proper sealing of the product to ensure the newness of the natural stone.

In addition to these, Stone & Slab Purveyors seeks customer’s approval at every stage of processing and quality inspection in order to keep the customer well informed about what he/she would finally receive. A blissful and satisfied customer is all we desire after every deal, which further warrants long-term relationships with our existing customers. Further, Stone & Slab Purveyors Granites India would feel immense pleasure in providing references of our pre-existing customer to a prospective customer, so that he/she could personally contact the former and learn about Stone & Slab Purveyors work quality, efficiency, reliability and business ethics.