Packing Of Rainforest Green Marble Slabs

We at Stone & Slab Purveyors ensure that the big slabs are loaded in the container at the factory itself rather than at the port to prevent multiple handlings. So the slabs are loaded into the container with the help of a crane or big forklift. Good quality wood is used to secure each bundle with the other and against the walls of the container to prevent even the slightest movement. We try to use the maximum amount of wood lashing to give support to the bundles and to make sure that they are packed tightly. Particular attention has to be paid to making them secure at the top and at the bottom to prevent sliding during the long journey. We are ably assisted by our field staff and our shipment agent and we receive detailed step-step photos of the entire activity. Experienced managers in our head office monitor the procedure of lashing and loading in real time (thanks to what’s app!) and if any corrections are required these made immediately. Ac record of the activity is maintained for future reference and we also send photos to the buyer to reassure them about the safe and secure packing.

Another important factor that is paid attention to is the weight balancing of the container. Since granite is heavy material and usually the 27 tons container is filled to the maximum weight we ensure loading balances the container for weight. For example in the below picture the heavy slabs are loaded on the sides equally with lighter ones in the middle to make sure that the container is balanced for weight properly.

The challenge is to make sure that this process is followed and monitored carefully in every shipment and our capable staff ensures this.