Indian Exporter Of Good Quality Agra Red Sandstone

Agra Red sandstone is the famous and highly fashioned stone available with Stone & Slab Purveyors. The organisation supplies hundreds of containers loaded with Agra Red sandstone to the countries like the America, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Middle East countries, and so on.

The finishes provided on Agra Red Sandstone:

  1. Top/Bottom Natural-Cut Edges

  2. Top/Bottom Natural-Cut Tumbled/Calibrated

  3. Top/Bottom Machine-Cut Edges

  4. Top/Bottom Natural-Cut Tumbled

  5. Natural Hand-Cut Tumbled / Calibrated / Edges

  6. Natural Brush + Calibrated

  7. Natural Calibrated Machine-Cut

  8. Polish Calibrated Machine-Cut

  9. Tumbled + Sandblasted Calibrated Machine-Cut

The products manufactured by the Agra Red sandstone suppliers in India are wall cladding, mosaic, crazy paving tiles, floor tiles, wall stone, palisades, block-steps, etc.

Agra Red sandstone has red colour base having wavy establishment on the surface. Stone & Slab Purveyors is known for quality fabrication supplying only the premium-quality sandstone products to the international customers.

The organisation has sandstone units equipped with advanced technological sciences that help in manufacturing better products compared to other stone companies. The sandstone exporter in India has been sending quality products to the abroad countries from past a decade.

The organisation has discovered more than three dozens of sandstone varieties in the Indian quarries. Therefore, architects, builder or customers expecting to know more about sandstone varieties, they must all get in touch with Stone & Slab Purveyors Stone company with stone experience of 16 years.